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Sephardic Music Concert -- Neshama Del Bosque (Spirit Of The Forest)

Doors open at 6:30 PM

Beth Cohen has selected some of her favorite music from the Sephardic repertoire: pizmonim (sacred poems set to music) from medieval Spain and Syria, a Ladino lullaby from Greece, an ancient folk song from Turkey, a muwashah love song in Arabic from Andalucia, a Ladino folk song written by Flory Jagoda about Tu Beshevat (the Jewish New Year of the trees), a suite of traditional folk songs and fiddle tunes from New Mexico (from Beth’s repertoire that she plays for local weddings)--y muncho mas!  Beth is honored to perform with two of New Mexico’s most gifted and versatile musicians who will weave together the unique well-traveled sounds of Sefarad: Ronaldo Baca will be singing and playing the oud and guitar and Polly Tapia Ferber will be performing on a variety of percussion instruments. Come experience the Neshama del Bosque (Spirit of the Forest).   The cost for Saturday evening's performance is $10.   Concert tickets are included with a purchase of a Full Weekend Pass ($60).

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The event is part of Festival Djudeo-Espanyol VIII