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Post-Mythic Inquiries into the Nature of Reality and Consciousness

Meets in the Study the 1st and 3rd Sunday

Exploring Spirituality in a Post-Rabbinic World  facilitated by Miles Krassen
The Kabbalah is, at its deepest level, agnostic. The agnosticism of the Kabbalah is paradoxical-- pointing to "something" within human consciousness that is "knowable" in its very unknowability. This class will explore this "unknowable" mystery and its relationship to human experience, particularly how it is connected to our best aspirations. We will examine the sources in Jewish tradition that have attempted to reveal and explain this mystery, which are generally known as the Kabbalah. Everyone is welcome to attend this stimulating and challenging series with one of the most knowledgeable and original Jewish thinkers today.  Come learn about yourself and your world. Your generous donations pay for these classes. For more information please call the office at (505) 343-8227 or  visit