Meditation for Klezmerquerque 2019 presented by Robin Berman

Tetzaveh Ex: 27:20-30-10  

Good Shabbos.

A couple of weeks ago I spontaneously went into a state of Joy after I realized a long deferred dream of oil painting. While I was in this state I felt full of energy like a new being come into the world. After I had finished the painting I was full of joy and free of thoughts, judgments or opinions. Soon, thoughts began to find their way back to me. However I was able to simply ask for my full essence, which is like the full energy feeling of a new born, to be returned to me, it was. I noticed that as soon as I had a negative thought, some of my energy left and I felt less whole or holy. For a while, I could invite that energy back in by identifying what essence I had lost some of and as I invited the essence to return to it’s original blue print. *I then felt myself fill up with that essence and was full of joy again.

As we heard today in the torah readings as part of the preparations the Israelites are told to offer certain sacrifices, to bring us closer to holiness and Gd, Were told how to be holy to Gd. The priests are adorned in sacred articles of clothing, one of which is a turban that has a frontplate of gold, engraved with the words, Holy to Gd, which, hangs on the forehead of the high priest. In another section of the Torah, parsha Kedoshim, the whole congregation is told by Gd to be holy. Holiness is what we are all about.

The Israelites at this moment were probably in a state of joy and flow and so able to be more in a state of holiness. For me, playing creatively leads me to a practice of more wholeness, of holiness

We are of the same light that makes up the world. Our thoughts opinions and actions are part of being human, we have judgments that often separate us, and many of our opinions are unhelpful. They’re useful when the weather report says how cold or warm it’s supposed to be and then we can pick appropriate clothes. But most of our opinions are distractions from the essential light that all we are. We are told we are holy simply because Gd is holy. We are all in essence simply beings of light. When we become present in whatever moment we are in - we can have glimpses of the holy beings that we are.

This meditation has been useful to me to feel in myself the holiness that is in all of us. I invite you to join me if you’re willing.

Holiness Practice

Allow yourself to breath naturally, sit with your posture as good as you comfortably can.

We’re starting the meditation now so just notice any thoughts that arise and gently let them float on by. I’ll talk you through this and periodically remind you to just allow them to float away. Just let your thoughts go. It’s easy to drift off and these reminders can help stay focused on meditation process. Right now and here and always we are holy enlightened beings.

The thoughts and distractions keep us from experiencing the holy light within each of us. Notice your thoughts and let them go. Even if you have an interesting spiritual experience just notice it and allow it to float away, even the interesting ones. Allow yourself to be fully here. For the next 5 (to 10) minutes we’ll experience this practice. I’ll call you back with song.

Notice when thoughts arise and let them float on by…

We are all holy beings when we know that we and that everyone else is also holy. What if we knew our opinions are just tricksters keeping us from connection to the Divine light within us all. What if we remember we’re not meant to be right or wrong. We are just meant to be light. As the saying goes do you want to be right or do you want to be in relationship? *1

Holy beings have a responsibility to help strangers, partly because if weare unkind or unhelpful it pulls at our energy and we deplete our own essence. Also as we are told many times in torah be kind to the stranger, because you were strangers and so you know the heart of a stranger. We can begin to better see the holiness of the world once we know we and every being, is holy. So with that in mind, I invite you to do another practice.

Move your chairs and circle up into groups of 8 (or so) people. Holding hands – sit with your posture as good and as comfortably you can. Allow your breath to move in and out from your hearts and we’ll do another exercise to help increase the holiness of the world.

After I read this, if your comfortable place this intention in the center of the circle and use your senses to Imagine that you live in a world where all people are honored and respected safe, free, present and secure in their identities, that we know we are holy and so is everyone else. Just notice. No need to do anything but notice what is in your minds eye. See, hear, taste, touch, or smell while you are in this world. Again after (5-10) minutes. I’ll call you back with song

May you know that underneath the illusions and distractions of life you and all are Holy beings as we are all simply light. Shabbat Shalom


1. For a while, I could invite that energy back in by identifying what essence I had lost some of and I invited the amino acid corresponding to that essence to return to it’s original blue print.

2. For more info about these essences and the related amino acids: Gene Keys. Richard Rudd.

3. Terence Real. The New Rules of Marriage. Ballantine Books. 2007.

4. Adapted from a talk by Craig Hamilton. Meditation 2.

5. Power of Eight: harnessing the miraculous energies of a small group

(I vary the meditation time depending on the group needs. I have found that smaller group can also work well. -Robin)