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Shavuot Service, Potluck Dinner, Havdallah & Study with Rabbi Chavah Carp & Cantor Beth Cohen

6:30pm:  Service led by Rabbi Chavah Carp and Cantor Beth Cohen.

7:15pm:  Potluck dinner. Bring a vegetarian dish made with dairy, and/or with one or more of the bikkurim (the first fruit offerings that were historically brought to the temple in Jerusalem on Shavuot). These fruits are of the seven holy plant species: wheat, barley, grapes, figs, pomegranates, olives and dates – each corresponding to the seven lower sefirot (spiritual emanations).

8:00pm-9:00pm: Study Session
Video spiritual-teaching of Reb Zalman (z"l) --The Space Within filmed at Elat Chayim is Reb Zalman z”l” explores with us how to discover our innermost self, heal the planet and renew our own personal practice. Every year, we are given the incredible opportunity to stand again at Mount Sinai, where we received the Torah. It is a journey that we are on together, l’olam va’ed.  

9:00pm:  Havdallah

9:15pm: Study Session
Cantor Beth Cohen leads study on The Song of Songs (will include some group singing).

9:45pm: Study Session
Rabbi Chavah Carp leads study: The Zohar on the Song of Songs