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KlezmerQuerque Music/Dance Workshops and Lectures

FOUR workshop sessions featuring Guest Artists.

#1 SESSION 10:00am-11:30am (choose one):

  1. Klezmer music workshop with Margot Leverett (description TBA)
  2. Dance workshop--Avia Moore: Yiddish Circle Dances--Focusing on the steps, styles, and embellishments of the essential Yiddish dance genres, this workshop will cover traditional bulgars, freylekhs, horas, khosidls, and more! This class is highly recommended for all, including musicians who want to learn the dances so that they can play better dance music! Learn how to recognize dances as the music starts to play and to lead these basic dances at your next simkhe!

Break for lunch (no host)

#2  SESSION  12:45pm-2:15pm

(Special featured presentation): 

On Founding the Klezmer Revival: A Conversation with Henry Sapoznik

(Nosh and break)

#3 SESSION  2:30pm-4:00pm (choose one):

  1. Klezmer music workshop--Margot Leverett: clarinet & woodwinds masterclass.
  2. Klezmer music workshop--Beth Cohen: Strings 'n Things 'n Rhythm--Make this tune sound klezmer!  Melodic ornamentation, variations, fillers, krekhts, shmeers & sekund --plus riffs, accents in the "klez-klave".
  3. Dance workshop--Avia Moore: Shared Traditions Dances travel and change in relationship to the cultures around them, crossing borders and evolving over time into new dances. For example, “Horas" are danced to different music and steps in many European countries -and cosmopolitan dances such as the waltz became part of the standard Jewish repertoire. In this workshop, we will celebrate these connections with folk and cosmopolitan dances from neighboring cultures and time periods.

#4 SESSION   4:15pm-5:45pm (choose one):

  1. Lecture presentation with Henry Sapoznik:
    The Rise and Fall of Yiddish Radio 1915-1955.
  2. Music workshop--Margot Leverett: (description TBA).
  3. Dance workshop--Avia Moore: Yiddish Figure Dances-This class will focus on Yiddish dances with set figures, such as the Sher (a Jewish square dance). We will dance traditional forms and learn new dances that are increasingly becoming part of the Yiddish repertoire.



Earlier Event: February 17
KlezmerQuerque Concert and Dance Party