“God blessed the seventh day and declared it holy, because on it God ceased from all the work of creation that God had done” (Genesis 2:3).

Shabbat is the most important holiday in Judaism and it comes every week. Every week we get the opportunity to slow down and focus on what really matters in life. It is a time when we stop the distractions of doing and accomplishing and turn our attention instead to being - - being joyful, being engaged in the study of Torah, being a part of a community, a family, a network of friends.

There are new Shabbat offerings at Nahalat Shalom and you are invited to come and join us. Bring your family. Bring a friend. Every Shabbat service is different, reflecting the diversity of our community. Each one has its own flavor, its own special joyful spice.  

Please note that Nahalat Shalom is a fragrance-free zone where we want everyone to feel comfortable.  Please refrain from wearing scents at services and other events.  And please check the calendar for up-to-date information (see links in Upcoming column to the left).

Friday evening offerings

Der Freylekher Shabes. 
A joyous danced Shabbat service in a heimishe (homey), old-country Eastern European style led by Cantor/Music Director Beth Cohen, Alavados holy days band, Rikud Dancers, & The Nahalat Shalom Community Klezmer Band. Held on the first Friday evening of the month, we begin at 6:30pm with a danced Shabbat service led by Rikud to live music by Alavados. We also say prayers for lighting candles, Mishebeyrach, Kaddish Yatom, Kiddush & motzee; 7:20pm-potluck vegetarian dinner; 7:55-Birkat Hamazon; 8-9pm Yiddish dancing with Rikud to a live Klezmer music JAM led by The Community Klezmer Band. Everyone is welcome to all or any part of the evening's celebrations. 

A Friday night Sephardic/Anusim/Converso/Crypto-Jewish Shabbat Dinner is offered usually the second Friday of the month. This service celebrates the connections with our Sephardic Heritage. Sefarad is the Hebrew word for Spain and Sephardic refers to those Jews who once lived in and then were expelled from Spain, and who carried their language and their traditions with them wherever they went. We share songs and stories, food and conversation. This is a potluck dinner, so please bring your favorite vegetarian dish to share. We gather at 6:30pm, with candle lighting starting promptly at 7pm. Come celebrate New Mexico's oldest Jewish community with us! Hosted by Maria Apodaca, Stephanie SofieShefia Cohen, and Hershel Weiss. We meet in Bayt B'racha, the building on the north side of the courtyard.  

The Mystical Kabbalat Shabbat service is a joyous, rousing welcome to the mystery of Shabbat -- the union of the material and spiritual worlds. Through chant, dance (if you're able), movement, meditation, and visualization, we will open ourselves to the direct experience and awareness of the ever-present light within and without. Guaranteed to leave you feeling energized and calm and exclaiming, "GOOD SHABBES!". A CD player or other electronics may be used. Led by Alan Wagman.

A Chanting Kabbalat Shabbat service one Friday evening a month (usually the fourth Friday) provides a contemplative way to greet Shabbat through sacred Hebrew chanting and meditation. Celebrate the end of your week, nourish your soul and welcome Shabbat. Join us as we move into holy space/time in a meditative mode: chanting sacred phrases and melodies and then melting into silence. No prior knowledge or special talent is necessary, only the willingness and intention to go inside yourself, to listen deeply and to be in community with others who are engaged in this practice. Co-led by Miryam Levy, Judy Brown and SofieShefia Stephanie Cohen.  We meet at 7:30pm in Bayt B'racha, the building on the north side of the courtyard.

Saturday morning offerings

This is WHoly Ground! Connect with your inner Divinity and earth through Shabbat morning prayers, with chanting, healing body movements, and energizing G!d language. Led by SofieShefia Stephanie Cohen.

Mystical Shabbat Shacharit is a Saturday morning service aimed at the heart and soul of Shabbat. Through chant, dance (if you're able), movement, meditation, and visualization, we will seek the inner stillness in which Shechinah, the in-dwelling presence of the spirit of all -- reveals herself to us. Torah discussion included. We will feel like Shabbes. A CD player or other electronics may be used. Led by Alan Wagman.

Torah Study with Rabbi Paul Citrin:  We gather informally to probe both the text of the week's parasha, to search out what other Jews have said about it and to examine our own thoughts, emotions and experiences. You don't have to be a Torah scholar to participate and to receive a respectful, empathetic hearing. Your presence helps build our study community as we hope the community helps to support your Jewish quest.

Cheder Shabbat:  Join us to celebrate as our Cheder students lead our Saturday morning Shabbat service for the congregation. Children in each class take the lead in running the service contributing in whatever way is comfortable for them. As a group children lead prayers and songs in English or Hebrew; older students prepare Torah readings; even the youngest children participate in a variety of activities, leading songs and prayers. This very special morning celebrates our students’ Hebrew and Judaic accomplishments and gives them a chance to share those skills with the congregation. Kiddish and a potluck luncheon follow the service.

From time to time, we will have a Family Shabbat or a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. These are services which are for families with young children, or when the students are old enough to become a bar or bat mitzvah and we gather as a congregation to welcome them as adults into our community. Watch the calendar for the dates and times of these services.

Come and taste the joys of Shabbat. Hope to see you in shul!