Isaac Sadigursky


Isaac Sadigursky learned to play the accordion and clarinet as a child in Beltz, Moldova. He played in the military band in Odessa and then began playing in folk orchestras as well as the State Symphony Orchestra. In 1974, he immigrated to Los Angeles. Since then, Isaac has played with many different orchestras and bands, while also working as a Registered Piano Technician. Since 1997, Isaac has been playing with the Golden State Klezmer Band and the Miamon Miller Klezmer Band, and has recorded a few tracks for Jewish themed movies. He was also a member of the band in the movie "Keeping Up with Steins". Isaac Sadigursky is a major exponent of the Bessarabian klezmer tradition and its rich Ottoman/Balkan-influenced repertoire.


Isaac Clarinet with trioPIC.jpg