Our History

In 1982, a small group of young families, feminists, gays, and lesbians were in quest of a welcoming place to practice inclusive Judaism. In early 1980s America, this was indeed a grand quest. We had heard about Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb, one of the first women to be ordained and a pioneer in nonsexist, ecologically responsible Jewish peace culture. So, we invited her to Albuquerque, and a journey of transformational Judaism began.

We named our congregation Nahalat Shalom, Inheritance of Peace, and Rabbi Gottlieb became our founding Rabbi. As a Jewish Renewal congregation, we share a commitment to a holistic and creative transformation of Jewish liturgy and law, one that engages body, mind and spirit while valuing diversity and honoring each individual's spiritual journey.

As our small assembly grew, we became a congregation of schleppers – we rented churches, community centers, and parks for services. And we schlepped.

Within the greater Albuquerque Jewish community, Congregation Nahalat Shalom was known as Congregation Nonchalant Shalom, but when we decided we wanted a permanent space, our focus and intent were relentless. In 2000, we bought outright an old Baptist church in the heart of Albuquerque's historic North Valley. Thus began another transformation, this one on a very material plane. Today, the 22-member Klezmer band performs where the old baptismal stood and fruit trees have replaced asphalt (and a local theater troupe is the grateful recipient of hundreds of choir robes and pews).

Over the years, we have given rise to an awesome Klezmer Band, a Rosh Hodesh Circle, a Jewish Muslim Dialogue group, an eco-Kashrut collective, a thriving religious school, and many other efforts exploring Jewish spirituality.

Our journey continues.

Rabbi Emerita Lynn Gottlieb

Lynn Gottlieb is a pioneer feminist rabbi, storyteller, percussionist, peace educator, writer, ceremonialist, community activist and clown. She is deeply committed to a life grounded in the creativity, joy and wisdom of the Torah (teachings) of Nonviolence. Her journey includes life long activism with The Fellowship of Reconciliation and ongoing pursuit of Israeli Palestinian conflict transformation based on principles of active nonviolence.

gottlieb-park-227x381Since 1964, Lynn has engaged in multifaith, intergenerational and multicultural organizing around issues of economic and racial justice, gender justice and ‘the demilitarization of land and life’.  Lynn served as a pulpit rabbi from 1973 to 1980 with Temple Beth Or of the Deaf and Mishkan, An Experimental Shul in NY and from 1981 to 2005 with Congregation Nahalat Shalom in Albuquerque, NM, which she co-founded.

Lynn’s love of Jewish cultural and spiritual arts embodies her way of being Jewish in the world. The most common request Lynn hears? “Tell me a story!”

Click here to visit her website.  You can also follow her on Facebook, where she posts frequently.

Rabbi Lynn is co-founder of Open Tent Shul of the Arts and a Freeman Fellow at The Fellowship of Reconciliation.

You can contact her at rabbilynn@earthlink.net or call 805-259-5030. You can help her serve young Jewish activists and continue the work of Shomeret Shalom through this link to a fundraising campaign initiated by young Jewish activists and rabbinic students to support her work: 


Order her newest book Trail Guide to the Torah of Nonviolence by sending $35 (includes shipping) to Lynn Gottlieb, 938 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94707


Thu Mar 02 @ 4:30PM - 06:00PM
Fri Mar 03 @11:45AM - 01:00PM
Beyond the Torah
Fri Mar 03 @ 6:30PM - 09:00PM
Der Freylekher Shabes
Sat Mar 04 @10:00AM - 11:30AM
Shabbat Minyan Service
Sun Mar 05 @ 2:00PM - 04:00PM
Klez Band & Rikud Rehearsal
Sun Mar 05 @ 2:30PM - 04:30PM
Teaching with Rabbi Miles Krassen
Mon Mar 06 @ 5:30PM - 08:30PM
Va'ad Meeting