Get Involved--join a committee!

Calling all MEMBERS of Nahalat Shalom: WE NEED YOU!  

After meeting with professional consultants, the leaders of Nahalat Shalom are inaugurating a network of committees that engage the many talents of our congregants, build a strong cooperative dynamic, and relieve the Va’ad, the rabbi and staff of too much to do. Some of the committees have been convened and need to grow. Some are still unformed. The most important next step is to begin and to begin small -- bringing together working teams of people who are prepared to take on the many tasks of building our community the only way that communities ever grow: by being of service in ways that reflect our strengths, both individually and collectively. Chazak, Chazak V’nit Chazayk.

Below are descriptions of the committees deemed vital to our synagogue's health. Please look them over and see what speaks to you. Note that these are opportunities for current MEMBERS. Not a member yet or need to renew?  Click here.

You can sign up for committees of your choice by CLICKING HERE

If you have any questions, contact Glorya Hale.

Also, during High Holidays, there will be volunteers staffing tables with sign-up sheets in the gallery before and after some of the services. We will be available then to schmooze with you and answer any questions. We look forward to seeing you!.

Here are the committees:

Membership: We already have a mishpocha committee that has done outreach to members when they are grieving or ailing. Our members are the internal constituency of Nahalat Shalom and this committee will recruit and welcome new members, collect more information from the existing members, provide ways of connecting us so we can honor and celebrate special days and special events in the life of our community of families. This committee must go to work right after HH to contact those who come to our free services.

Tikkun Olam: If Membership is the internal constituency, then Tikkun Olam is the external constituency. NS can be a force for good within the greater community, representing Jewish values in the interfaith community and working for peace and justice. This committee might find a great connection with our teens.

Facilities: Working on crews with fellow congregants can be fun, and the whole congregation has taken great pride in our volunteer efforts for the buildings and grounds. So many artists and artisans among us hav
e donated time and finished pieces. There has been and should continue to be a constant flow of energy to bring beauty to the physical environment. This committee will work with Catherine, our administrator, to identify the building's needs and set priorities as to how those should be addressed. In addition, the items owned by the synagogue need to be inventoried and the art work appraised.

Front-of-house: The Jewish calendar brings us together for Shabbat and holidays throughout the year. Our rabbi uplifts us and creates a space for prayer and meditation. But each of these holidays is an event that needs all the things that we have come to expect: food, greeters, set-up and tear-down, special attention for children, elders and persons with disabilities. Also, parking.

Communications: Messages fill the many media we live with, from Facebook to the lobby bulletin boards. Crafting consistent messages of welcome and spiritual support requires attentiveness to a myriad of details and an ability to be everywhere at once. The only way to pull this off is to have many hands, many skills, many connections – along with a unity of purpose.

Children and Teens: Nahalat Shalom was the product of a cohesive group of parents who earnestly wanted to raise their children with Jewish values in the company of other Jewish families. These are perennial needs for every generation of Jews and our Cheder and pre-school are very popular destinations.

The Mishpocha Committee: Sometimes members of our congregation or their families need some help.  This committee of volunteers tries to fill the need for missing family (hence the name Mishpocha) or stressed-out caregivers.  We do a range of activities:  supplying meals with dietary restrictions, walking dogs, taking to appointments, bringing lattes, meals for sitting shiva…whatever is needed and whatever we are able to do.  We need more helpers.  You do not have to commit to do anything, just check your e-mail and if it fits for you, respond.  If interested, e-mail Joan Robins at



Thu Sep 28 @ 4:30PM - 06:00PM
Cheder - Hebrew School
Fri Sep 29 @11:45AM - 01:00PM
Beyond the Torah
Fri Sep 29 @ 6:30PM - 08:30PM
Sat Sep 30 @ 6:30AM - 08:30PM
Sun Oct 01 @10:00AM - 12:00PM
Decorate the Sukkah
Sun Oct 01 @ 2:30PM - 04:30PM
Reb Miles Krassen
Mon Oct 02 @ 5:30PM - 08:30PM
Va'ad Meeting
Thu Oct 05 @ 4:30PM - 06:00PM
Cheder - Hebrew School