Michelle Alany and the Mystics will perform Sat May 20, 7:30p

Michelle AlanyGet tickets now for the Concert of Sephardic Music featuring Michele Alany and the Mystics, Sat May 20 at 7:30p

Hot off a tour in Spain, violinist & vocalist Michelle Alany is a dynamic performer & ambassador of world folk traditions, specializing in Sephardic, Mediterranean & Eastern music. 

A passionate violinist and vocalist, Michelle Alany has delighted and wowed audiences worldwide. Specializing in a global acoustic sound that features lush strings, soulful vocals and rhythmic groove, Michelle delivers soulful interpretations of traditional and original Sephardic (Judeo-Spanish), Balkan and Israeli songs infused with her tasty Austin-blues stylings. 

Drawing from her foundation as a classical musician, she began performing Balkan folk dance music and Klezmer while studying jazz and composition at Cabrillo College and UC Santa Cruz. After graduating cum laude from UCSC, she moved to the east coast to further her non-classical studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston and with New England Conservatory graduate faculty such as Robert Labaree, Hankus Netsky, and just over the river, the consummate Greek, Turkish and Eastern string specialist and mentor, Beth Bahia Cohen. Inspired and ready to perform off-the-page, she moved to the music mecca of Austin, Tx in 2009 and immediately became a strong presence in the dynamic music scene there. Not only was she a rare Balkan and Klezmer musician in a predominantly folk, Blue and Rock scene, she was a welcome guest with many established singer-songwriters and world music acts, getting the opportunity to perform at local hot spots including One World Theater, Stubbs, Antones and the Continental Club to name a few. She has toured internationally with both her own music and as a supporting artist in various capacities. 

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Join us for the Art Reception, Fri May 19, to kick off the Festival Djudeo-Espanyol VII

Friday's Art Reception, 5-7p will showcase Charlie Carillo, Lucia Torres, and Rabbi Dr Jordi Gendra-Molina.  The reception will be followed by a Sephardic Vegetarian Shabbat Potluck Dinner with Special Guests Rabbi Jordi and Michelle Alany.Charlie Carillo

Charlie Carrillo has blended craft, conservation, and innovation throughout his career as a santero, a carver and painter of images of saints. The depiction of saints for religious purposes dates to the 18th century in Hispanic New Mexican communities. Carrillo started his creative journey in 1978 when he began researching the techniques, materials, and subject matter of the early santeros. Today he is recognized not only as the primary authority on this subject but also as the most accomplished artist practicing in this regional tradition.

Testimony to his skills are his many awards, including the Museum of International Folk Art's Hispanic Heritage Award, as well as numerous First Place, Best of Show, and Grand Prize entries in the Annual Traditional Spanish Market in Santa Fe. In 2006 he received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Spanish Market and the prestigious NEA National Heritage Fellowship.

Carrillo earned a doctorate in anthropology/archaeology from the University of New Mexico, but his true commitment to tradition has led him to work within the religious community of northern New Mexico as an artist and an advocate.  A generous mentor, Charlie has inspired numerous artists to pursue the native techniques, values, and devotional spirit of the santeros.  

Lucia TorresOriginally from Monterrey, Mexico, Lucia Torres is a Chicana Jew with indigenous heritage currently living in Corpus Christi, Texas.  Her mother’s family fled Spain to escape the Inquisition and her indigenous father was from the mountains of Monterrey.  She is in the process of reclaiming her Jewish heritage, which was hidden for many generations.                     



Rabbi Jordi Gendra Molina 2015Rabbi Dr. Jordi Gendra-Molina, a native of Barcelona (Spain), holds a PhD in medieval Jewish literature from Universitat de Girona. He received his Master in Hebrew Letters and Rabbinic ordination from the RRC in 2006. He is currently serving as rabbi of Congregation B’nei Tikvah Beth Israel in Sewell, New Jersey.
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Local and International Experts will present on Language and Healing in the Sephardic world: Sat May 20 and Sun May 21

The Festival Djudeo-Espanyol VII, at Congregation Nahalat Shalom May 19-21, will focus on LANGUAGE and HEALING.  GET TICKETS NOW

These presenters will focus on LANGUAGE on Saturday, May 20:
Rabbi Jordi Gendra Molina 2015

Rabbi Gendra will lead the Sephardic Service and Return Ceremony from 10-12 on Saturday, May 20.  He will also present Ladino: A Quick Review of Social and Cultural History from 3-4.

Rabbi Dr. Jordi Gendra-Molina, a native of Barcelona (Spain), holds a PhD in medieval Jewish literature from Universitat de Girona. He received his Master in Hebrew Letters and Rabbinic ordination from the RRC in 2006. He is currently serving as rabbi of Congregation B’nei Tikvah Beth Israel in Sewell, New Jersey. 

Rabbi Jordi’s topic of dissertation is Medieval Jewish Mysticism/Kabbalah with a translation and study of Isaac the Blind’s commentary to the Sefer Yetzirah.  He also has written extensively on Medieval Spanish Judaism, including Les responsa de Rabi Simo ben Tsemakh Duran (L. Muntaner publisher, 2001); a series of four articles on Medieval Jewish Mallorca, (the first of which appeared in Segell, vol 3, 2009). In addition, he has published several articles on contemporary European Judaism including “The Jews of the European Union,” (Segell vol 2, 2006), and delivered number of lectures: “European Judaism” (Wayne State University, Detroit 2006) and “The Role of Religion in Contemporary European Society,” (Wilson College 2007). He has also written a book on Israel with Manel Frau-Cortes “Identitats en conflicte: una visió catalana d'Israel.” (Identities in Conflict: a Catalan Vision of Israel) published by Dux.

Rachel Amado Bortnick will present What is Ladino Really? from 1:30-2:30p.
Rachel Bortnick

Rachel Amado Bortnick, born and raised in Izmir, Turkey, is known for her work in the preservation and promotion of Judeo-Spanish language and culture.  She is featured in the 1988 documentary film, Trees Cry for Rain: a Sephardic Journey, and, in 1999 she founded Ladinokomunita, the Ladino correspondence group on the Internet, which now has over 1500 members from 50 countries.  Her articles in Ladino, English, and Turkish continue to appear in several publications.

Rachel came to the United States in 1958 as a foreign student from Turkey on a full scholarship, and has a BA in Chemistry from Lindenwood College.  She and Bernard Bortnick were married in Izmir, and have lived in Holland, in Israel, and several cities in the United States before settling in Dallas, Texas.  She is now retired after teaching ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) for 35 years.

Dr Naomi Lapidus Shin and Dr Damián Vergara Wilson will consider New Mexican Spanish and Judeoespañol: Is There Linguistic Evidence to Support a Connection? from 4:30-5:30p

NaomiNaomi Lapidus Shin holds a PhD in Linguistics from the City University of New York. She is currently an Associate Professor of Linguistics and Hispanic Linguistics at the University of New Mexico. Naomi was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and arrived in New Mexico in 2012. Her primary interests include bilingualism, language contact, and child language acquisition. Her research focuses on how grammatical patterns are acquired during childhood and how they change in situations of language contact. Her research articles have appeared in journals such as Journal of Child Language, Language Variation and Change, Language in Society, International Journal of the Sociology of Language, Language Acquisition, Spanish in Context, and Issues in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics. She teaches various courses at UNM, including language change, sociolinguistics, language acquisition, and bilingualism.

Damian V Wilson 2010Damián Vergara Wilson is a native of northern New Mexico who grew up speaking the traditional variety of Spanish spoken there. He holds a PhD from the University of New Mexico and is now an Assistant Professor of Hispanic Linguistics and Southwest Studies in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at UNM. Additionally, he coordinates the Spanish as a Heritage Language program which seeks to promote Spanish language maintenance and revitalization. While his current research focuses on New Mexican Spanish, he has published a book with Brill Academic Publishers on Spanish language evolution in the Iberian Peninsula from the medieval to the modern era, Categorization and Constructional Change in Spanish Expressions of ‘Becoming’.  



On Sunday, May 21, the focus will be on HEALING.  Jared Jackson will discuss The Intersection of Judaism and Racism from 10a-12p.

Jared JacksonJared Jackson, Founder and Exec. Director of Jews in ALL Hues, has been on the cutting edge of Jewish community programming and Jewish diversity advocacy for the past seven years. In 2008 he received the Schusterman Family Foundation’s Charlie Award for excellence in communal service and was recently named one (at #1) of “Ten Young Jews [Who] Will Change the World” by Maariv News. Jared also teaches music/Jazz improvisation/saxophone and Hebrew lessons and is a proud father.


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